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What do you feed your dogs?
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What do you feed your dogs?
Tinned Food/Pouches
 9%  [ 6 ]
Kibble/Dried food
 62%  [ 38 ]
Raw diet
 27%  [ 17 ]
Total Votes : 61

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As fairly new member have been looking through some of older threads and was very interested in this one.

The bulk of my dog experience is with greyhounds both as pets and as racing /breeding dogs.Currently my brother and Dad who are NGRC registered trainers(well over 20 years) have a small amount of dogs that they have breed and reared and now race all over Country including Ireland. My hands on experience has been all round including feeding and looking after the pups from whelping to schooling. Not so involved now and only a serious hobby for both brother and Dad .

My Dad has been trying to get me to switch to similar feeding as greyhounds but to be honest the work and time that he puts in preparing their food put me off. Thought you guys might be interested to here what he does in terms of food prep and diet:

Every week he goes to fruit market for fresh veg then he cuts up cabbage, carrot, leek,small amount garlic then puts in food processor to make very small. Bags this and freezes for next 7 days.

Every day he takes one of these bags puts in a boiler with cow neck and boils up into soup.

Weighs out some dry food approx 8oz for adult racing dog this will be changed depending on dogs condition/ weight

To each dish add some pre boiled pasta and rice all weighed and measured to exact proportions

He will soak the dry food with soup and then add some of the veg to each bowl

Next add raw meat and this would be a 1lb per dog

Numerous supplements brewers yeast, oil and vitamin c will also be added.

Just prior to feeding then he will add more soup to correct feeding consistency

This is the main meal of the day every morning the dogs will get measure of cereal and milk.

As you can see better fed than a lot of people.
So other than getting my Dad to prepare Guinness food on daily basis I had opted for the dry food.

Clearly Guinness would not need as much calories as a racing greyhound so the raw diet mentioned looks like a very good alternative. My question would be any nutritionist would say that you need all food groups to thrive but where does the carbs come from in an all meat diet?

The raw diet certainly has me almost converted so seriously considering this, practical issue would a chest freezer the size of a upright fridge hold enough meat for one dog between orders from Landywoods?

Sorry for the length of this post Embarassed
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